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Game News: McDroid Interview and Preview

Game News: McDroid Interview and Preview

As of late, we’ve been drowning in beautiful new releases- one game that captured my attention (and my heart) is McDroid, by Elephantopia. It’s an action strategy game in which you play as a robotic strawberry farmer trying to protect his crops from unusually aggressive worms. The game boasts a lovely cel-shaded aesthetic rather like Borderlands or Jet Grind Radio and gameplay that’s quite reminiscent of Pikmin.

We got to chat with the creator of McDroid, Laurent Lavigne, and in addition to getting some insights on his upcoming game, we got a neat look into the mind of the artist himself- the interview is embedded below.

Having played the game, I can honestly say that I’m extremely excited about it- gameplay itself is phenomenal and frantic. It’s as if somebody took the best elements of tower defense and combined them with the frenzied mania of a third-person action game- there’s something very arcade-ey about Mcdroid, something that makes me think of the simple fun of older games like Space Invaders, but in the body of something new, beautiful and exciting. Mr. Lavigne himself describes the game as a cross between R-Type and Dune II, an unusual hybrid that works marvelously. There’s something satisfying about seeing a well laid out plan work in the heat of battle, and good placement of turrets along with careful resource management are the path to victory. Oh, and shooting every worm in sight helps too.

The game’s music is excellent as well- it’s a little bit rock & roll and a little bit country, and the gentle guitar twangs in the opening set the stage for the insane strawberry-harvesting action that is to come. While we’re on the subject of aesthetics, I must say that really love the art direction in McDroid– your robo-farmer is absolutely adorable in a robotic way, and the worms? Terrifyingly cute. But not too cute to zap.

Stick with us for a full review of McDroid once the game comes out of beta. You can check out the official website right here and vote for it on Steam Greenlight. Still on the fence? Try the demo, for Mac, PC and Linux.

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