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Time to Get Excited For Free Comic Book Day!

The first Saturday of every May is an important day for many comic book enthusiasts because in case the headline wasn’t obvious, it is Free Comic Book Day. That’s right, on one day every year, comic publishers and retailers participate in an event where free comics are released for both comic book lovers and people who have yet to even pick up a comic (shame on you).

This year it also happens to coincide with International Star Wars Day so it is indeed a big day for geeks everywhere. And if that wasn’t enough Marvel’s Iron Man 3 just so happens to be in theaters as well. It sure is a great week to be a geek!. Seriously you have quite a bit to be excited about. Even Hugh Jackman is excited for FCBD though of course he also has to pimp out his new film The Wolverine:

And here are just a few of the free comics that will be available:


To see what else is being released for FCBD and what stores are participating check out their official website.

And if you are one of those who have yet to pick up a comic, then tomorrow head over to your local comic book store and pick up a few free comics and maybe you’ll find a few other comics there that will interest you. Believe me there something for everyone so head on out and discover a new world. And if you are a lover of comics and comic book characters then head on over and support your local shop! There are comics for all ages so bring the kids along too!

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