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TV News: Defiance Debuts; SyFy May Have a Winner

TV News: Defiance Debuts; SyFy May Have a Winner

If you’ve been watching the SyFy channel since the name change, you may have been a little disappointed as of late by the current programming- ghost hunting, haunted thrift stores and “pro” wrestling seem to have been dominating as of late. Not to say that there’s nothing worthwhile on SyFy (Warehouse 13 and Continuum seem to be pretty well received), but for the most part, they don’t have any real heavy hitters- quite the disappointment from the channel that once ran Ray Bradbury Theater.

So what’s going on with Defiance? in short, there was an attack by a group of relatively harsh group of aliens- there was a lengthy war that ended when both sides, in defiance of their generals, threw down their weapons and quit fighting. Alien landscaping materials fell from outer space and haphazardly reassembled Earth’s ecosystem, all while the seven alien species settled down and took up living with humans.

Redditor the_icebear said that “This series seems like they took Fallout, Farscape, and Firefly, threw them in a blender and hit Frappe.” Personally, I think this describes the series very well after seeing the pilot. While there were a couple things I didn’t really like, I enjoyed the show overall. It was guilty of a few cliches typical to westerns, sci-fi and drama, but it blended its elements together quite well. I’ll be brutally honest here- I didn’t have very high expectations for Defiance. A television show tied to an MMO that doesn’t seem to be doing very well?

I could harp on the various flaws in the first episode of Defiance– but this isn’t a review. If you want to watch the first episode, you can size it up on the official Defiance website and decide for yourself whether it’s worth watching. What I can say is that I think the show might have a future- if it manages to steer clear of too many painful cliches, general cheesiness and other little annoyances that make a show harder to enjoy, I think Defiance will defy the odds and survive. Besides being pleasing from an aesthetic standpoint, I really like the characters, backstory and universe- I think there’s lots of room for the show to grow and I hope it heads in a good direction.

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