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Batman: Arkham Origins Announced

We all love the Batman games. Rocksteady took one of the most iconic characters in history and gave him not one, but two fantastic games. And after the amazing experience of Batman Arkham City, fans wanted more. Well sure enough, we’ll get it.

GameInformer announced today with the reveal of their May cover, that there will be a new Batman game titled Batman: Arkham Origins and it will take place years before the events of the first two games. That’s right- let the excitement sink in because I can barely contain it myself.

And yes that is indeed Deathstroke, which means the rogues gallery for this game is going to be even deadlier. Game Informer even put up a video with the new developers, WB Montreal, discussing how they are approaching the series.

I’m super excited for this game, but at the same time I have some reservations. It always worries me when a new developer enters the picture, especially since Rocksteady did such an amazing job with the previous two games. But I’m always one to judge slowly. And if this wasn’t enough there will also be a 3DS game which will supposedly take place after the events of Arkham Origins. And you won’t have to wait long to patrol the streets of Gotham as the game is expected to release in October. This is going to be another busy Fall season for games.

Souce [GameInformer]

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