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Game News: Pandora’s Tower

Game News: Pandora’s Tower

If you honestly believed that the Wii was truly going to go out without a boom, then you are clearly mistaken. Besides the two amazing RPG titles that already came out –Xenoblade Chronicles and The Last Story -another title known as Pandora’s Tower is also in the running to come out alongside those two in the United States thanks to “Operation Rainfall”, or in short “Oprainfall”. In short, this operation was a fan campaign in order to persuade Nintendo of America to localize those three titles in the US.

Just like the other two titles listed before, Pandora’s Tower focuses on a JRPG experience. Gamers will take the role of protagonist Aeron as he traverses thirteen towers in order to break a curse upon the female protagonist Elena, who because of the curse is being transformed into a beast. In these towers are a certain type of monster- their flesh can be used to help Elena reverse the effects of the curse temporarily.

With regard to Elena, the hero has a chance to further improve their relationship outside of battle, which in due time allows for multiple endings. This relationship is done through giving gifts Harvest Moon-style- talking to her, or even having her translate text. Sadly, Elena does not take part in any of the fights that occur whatsoever. The director, Toru Haga stated that he wanted players to feel related to Aeron, while Elena is supposed to be built like a character that players will actually want to save, and not feel forced to do so.

During this time gamers will have to consider everything they do to be top priority, because Elena has a set amount of time before her curse worsens each time within the tower. So if players take too long within the tower going through the long routes, they will take far too long and basically the curse will take its effect. However, within the tower are a few shortcuts that players can take in order to avoid these predicaments, which in all honesty adds a great deal of strategy, and planning on what battles should be encountered, and how long they should spend in the tower.

Gameplay and battle system wise, Aeron will be the only person that players can control. He will have the option of going deep against the enemy one on one with a bladed weapon for hard-hitting blows, or he can actually use a chain in order to attack enemies from afar. However, the chain also has exterior purposes. It can be used to activate levers, pull down parts, or in general reach new heights.

Overall, the game looks very promising, not only because it’s going to be published by Xseed, but because the game and the elements that it has look very promising for any fan of RPGs alike. The title will be published on April 16, 2013.


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