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Game Preview: Drunken Robot Pornography

Game Preview: Drunken Robot Pornography

Drunken Robot Pornography is probably the oddest name of any video game title since the Super Nintendo era, and in all honesty the title doesn’t matter in the long run- even though being it might be a huge turnoff- since the game overall has the feel that it provides, which is to give the player a crazy, fun experience, and in all honesty it does do exactly that.

The alpha version of DRP (Drunken Robot Pornography) offers the player a chance to first of all experience the campaign mode of DRP, and an overall chance to build their own robots or arena. Once a robot is built, they can be challenged as well in an arena sort of match, where it’s the player vs. the Titan in an all out match.

The overall campaign is filled with a total of about 5 different stages, each one having 1-4 different matches inside them, in which have to be completed to reach the next stage. Gamers will start out in their own apartment which they will slowly build up. The first few levels sort of just introduce you to how DRP plays out in general.

In each battle that you come across, players will have to go around the arena, pick up ammunition, and then kill some smaller robots, and then wait for a bigger robot that they come across, which is known as a titan, or in game standards, the boss.

The statement above just describes the one type of scenario players will encounter during the first few levels of the game, the later levels become far more hectic. In those levels, players will have to look at the layout of the map, and see where items lie, and also in general watch out for enemies that seem very passive at first, until they start shooting at you, and then they come in groups of 10 or 20. To make this situation even more chaotic, titans will pop up once you score a certain amount of points by killing the smaller robots, and thus if you kill the titan, the match might be finished, or you might have to kill yet another titan that is twice as strong and even faster than the previous titan.

Considering that this is based on time, meaning that you have a certain amount of time to beat all of the titans and get all of the points required in time, it does give thicken the atmosphere with challenge. Also, one small detail that I forgot to state was that if you fall of the map at any time, the game gives you a  time penalty of 5 seconds. This means that each time you fall you will get less time to play, and overall less time to beat the boss.

However, each arena is designed fairly. Most of the titan arena have a shield pickup, splitter ammunition, and even an atomic bomb to go along with it. These are fairly overpowered even compared to the bosses, and the atomic bomb can, in one shot, destroy most of the body parts that belong to a boss, which makes the game a tad bit more enjoyable considering you won’t always be on the losing end of the battle.

One of the few things that I personally found awesome is the level design. Each of the levels are  composed of several large structures, and locations where you can jump up and get to higher ledges, or locations where you can fall down. This employs strategy in a first person shooter which is something I personally missed for a long time. In addition, there was one level in particular where there would be escalators going to different sides of the map, and players would have to quickly look at which side they were going on in order to not only avoid gunfire, but also get power-ups, or even avoid falling to their doom.

The build mechanism seems to be a great addition as well. The version that we received didn’t have a great tutorial explaining about it, nor did it explain how you have to be a fan of other peoples robots in order for them to show up in the game. However, after messing around and looking up some information on how to do so; fighting other players robots is very easy and quick. It’s a great thing because the game itself allows for people to be as crazy as possible with their design. During my personal robot fights, I went against a robot that was a hand with 5 fingers that could one-hit kill you, while there was another robot that hit you with lasers from half-way across the map. Few other features that were very interesting was the build an arena, which could give each player tons of replay ability and overall not be held down by options.

Overall, do not let the name Drunken Robot Pornography be a judge for what type of game it is capable of being. Rather, it is downright a game that seems to be focused on just overall enjoyment and having a crazy good time, and in addition is a large but very nice community that support the developer, and in return the developers support the community with more options to give them a good time.


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