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Game News: Pacific Rim Video Game Inbound

Game News: Pacific Rim Video Game Inbound

Unfortunately there aren’t very many details quite yet, but it looks like a video game based on the upcoming Pacific Rim is coming later this year from Yuke’s, the developers behind the WWE and UFC game adaptations, as well as the Real Steel game from a couple years back. Here’s some info from the press release:

Yuke’s Co., Ltd. (HQ: Osaka, Japan; President: Yukinori Taniguchi; hereafter, “Yuke’s”) has signed with
Legendary Pictures to acquire the license to create a video game for “Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary
Pictures’ Pacific Rim”. The game will be an officially licensed title based on the Hollywood film, a presentation
of Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures, distributed worldwide by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Details about the game’s content and release will be announced as they are finalized.

Since there’s no actual information about the game at this point, now’s as good a time as ever for wild speculation.

I suspect that, like their previous games, the Pacific Rim game will involve fighting- not Street Fighter or Soulcalibur style, but fighting that’s more like boxing, really. I also suspect that the controls will be somewhat obtuse. I’m hoping the game doesn’t try too hard to match the movie’s color palette since it’ll wind up looking like mud. The one thing I could say that I really wish for is the ability to play as one of the monsters from Pacific Rim, that would be awesome.

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