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Game News: McPixel Giveaway!!!


Lately we over at Blackman N’ Robin have been giving away plenty of free copies of indie games. Well guess what? I’ve got another indie game to giveaway to you awesome gamers out there. And you know you want it. I mean who doesn’t want free games? Can you dig it? I said, CAN YOU DIG IIIIIIIT?!

It just so happens that I have 2 codes for a free copy of SOS’ McPixel a hilarious 2D point and click game where your only goal in each level is to stop the bomb from blowing everything up. This hilarious, sometimes raunchy game can be yours for free! Just enter for a chance to win a code. It’s so easy a caveman could do it! (I apologize to any cavemen still around). So what are you waiting for HAVE AT THEE!


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