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Game news: Steam Summer Sale Titles Leaked- Bundles Look Excellent

Game news: Steam Summer Sale Titles Leaked- Bundles Look Excellent

NOTE: There’s something wrong with our internal date system- this article is from 2012. We’re still waiting for the 2013 Steam Summer Sale titles to leak out, though we do have a strong suspicion that the titles from last year will go on sale again this year. Well, maybe not the THQ collection…

Well, it looks like Reddit has delivered again– courtesy of thebronasium.com, several of the bundles for the Steam sale have been leaked. Below are links to the bundles ripped directly from Reddit.

1C Collection Pack

Stardock Collection Pack

Bethesda Collection

Square Hit Collection

Paradox Collection

Kalypso Collection

Strategy First Complete Pack

THQ Collection

Railworks 3 – Summer Sale Collection

Command and Conquer Franchise

Bioshock Franchise Pack

Duke Nukem Bundle

The Square Hit Collection looks pretty impressive- it contains several of the Tomb Raider games, the entire Deus Ex series, and Quantum Conundrum. Excellent, eh? The Bethesda collection might be even better- it contains SkyrimFallout: New VegasBrink and Hunted. As for the prices, they’re all $99.99- it seems that price is a placeholder, though all shall be revealed at a later date.

According to other reports, it seems the sale is going to happen July 12, 2012. Prepare your wallet. If you’re in the mood for something free, be sure to check out our indie game giveaway.

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    […] to Blackman’n Robin, the bundles for the Steam summer sale 2013 has been leaked. Among the bundles we find the usual […]


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