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Movie News: Resident Evil Retribution

Resident Evil franchise fans get ready!!!  Resident Evil 5 has been given the official title of “Resident Evil: Retribution” and will begin filming this October with a planned release date of September 14th, 2012!  The best news so far… Milla Jovovich is returning as Alice, your favorite zombie slayer.   Milla’s husband Paul WS Anderson will be directing the newest edition as he did the first and fourth installments and will be directing from his own script.  This time, Alice travels from Toronto to Tokyo in her continuing mission to bring down the evil Umbrella Corporation. Read On

Movie Teaser: Apollo 18 (2011)

The release date for the new “found footage” sci-fi thriller Apollo 18 has finally been set for September 2 2011.  The movie revolves around a 1974 “top secret” moon landing mission dubbed Apollo 18.  The mission sends 2 astronauts to the moon and is headed up by NASA, who denies any claims that this mission ever took place.  The real reason why we have never returned to the moon is revealed in some “long lost NASA footage” finally released to the public.  Can’t wait for this one!!             Read On

Movie Review: Fletch

Netflix this. So your in the mood for some sweet 80’s background music, this movie is for you. Chevy Chase of “Community” wasn’t always bald and old; he plays a cool hip newspaper reporter investigating what else? Drugs and murder for hire. The movie had a lot of funny scenes, not as many as his classic “Spies Like Us”, but enough to make you laugh. Read On

Movie Review: MST3K Eegah

Looking for a laugh, Netflix this.  Having sat through this movie twice; I must warn you, watch with friends because the laughter will continue long after the movie is over.  Do you laugh when you and your friends quote “Princess Bride“?  You will love laughing at these lines that nobody else will get.  MST3K is a series that showcases fairly bad movies, and makes fun of them.  This movie features a young Richard Kiel (oo7’s Jaws), who plays a crazy caveman.  “Watch out for snakes.”  Enjoy! Read On

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