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Games: L.A. Noire

OK, so it’s a few hours later, and I’m done. Apparently I was coser to the end than I thought. So, the game is way to much to detail in writing and do it justice. But, I will say that It has an incredible story line, though to me, it was not completely aparent until the end. Again, game play is well thought out, and making the right decisions makes the game easier, but after some research, does not change the out come of the game, so don’t go kicking yourself in the ass because you think you could... Read On

Games: L.A. Noire

OK. So, I have been playing for a week now. I think I am in for a doozy. The game play is awesome, though action scenes are slightly less exciting than other games of its kind. The thought that has to go into the game is incredible. It is another “your decisions affect the out come” type game, which you all know I love. If you don’t mind taking it a little slow, especially at first, you will love this game. Decent amount of humor, however no where near as much as MAFFIA II. Right now, I am playing... Read On

Games: L.A. Noire

OK!!!!!!!! The long awaited L.A. Noire is here! I am stoked and game play will resume in T minus 10 Minutes. I will let you know what I think through out the game. Since it is from Rockstar, and GTAIV took forever, and MAFFIA II was no time saver itself, I expect to be at it for a bit. Fee free to comment along if you’re paying as well. As always, stay classy San Diago. Read On


Hey everyone. Haven’t posted in a while, so I figured I’d stop in and update. I will be purchasing LA:Noire in the very near future. I will post my thoughts on the beginning, and as always will post after I have completed it. Heres hoping it lives up to the hype. In the mean time if any one has played it already, feel free to leave your thoughts. Read On

Game Teaser: L.A. Noire


Game Review: Killzone 3 (3d)

Grade: B+ Let me start off by saying, if you find yourself with an extra 3000$ or so this tax season, and can’t think of how to use it, I strrrongly suggest buying a 3D TV. I thought movies were pretty cool in 3D, but this was my first true gaming experience in 3D, and holy cow!. It adds a depth you really can’t grasp until you see it. It is intense, in fact, I would replay quite a few of my past games should they re=release in 3D. The graphics in this game with or without it are... Read On

Game Review: Heavy Rain

Grade- (B-) for story line, (D-)for game play. Yeah, that’s right a bad grade for one of the top PS3 games in recent history. Why might you ask? How about because I literally fell asleep during some of this game.Especially the first act, making breakfast, taking a shower, and playing with the kids?Are you serious? It was like playing A Stephen King version of the SIMS. The story line was great. If it was cut down to an 1 1/2 hour movie, I would have loved it. It was a good psychological thriller, I’ll give it that. Kept me guessing the... Read On

Game Review: Ghostbusters

Grade B+ “What are you supposed to be, some kind of a cosmonaut? No, we’re exterminators. Someone saw a cockroach up on twelve. ”  That’s right, the review of biblical proportions. Now being that the Ghostbusters movies are my favorite movies  of all time, and in my opinion, the best written action comedies since Blazing Saddles. Naturally, this was the first game I bought when I picked up my PS3. If you’re like me, and you can quote this movie line for line, and you’ve always wanted to use a proton pack, this game is for you. The story... Read On

Game Review: Maffia II

Grade: A+ I tend to agree with some of my cohorts on not giving anything an A+, or a 10, especially for my first post. But holy cow Batman, what an awesome freakin game. If you read my bio, which I am sure you did, you’ll know that I consider my self the non-gamer gamer. So, when I sat down to play this game, purely for entertainment value, I set it to easy, and just hoped to enjoy the story, and boy did I. I am a huge fan of Mafia history, fact or fiction, and this game led me to believe that... Read On

Machinarium – Review

Title: Machinarium Genre: Adventure, Indie Developer: Amanita Design Publisher: Amanita Design Release Date: Oct 16, 2009 Machinarium was released in 2009 with little notice regardless of the incredible atmosphere and visuals.  Machinarium is an adventure game built on 2-dimensional art, ambient music, and an amazing story.  Even though there’s not a single word spoken in the game, the story is conveyed through a series of mini-cartoons which represent the communication of the robots.  Did I mention all of the ‘living’ creatures, in terms of animals, are robots?  It somewhat reminds me of an all robot version of Futurama but... Read On

game teaser: golden sun: dark dawn

the long awaited sequel to the golden sun saga takes place 30 years after the conclusion of the second game, golden sun: the lost age. it puts players into the role of the next generation of heroes,who happen to be the children of original heroes. follow along on their journey using psynergy and their djinn as they master tge elements and attempt to save the world from the new evil looming on the horizon. with an in-game encyclopedia to help new comers to the series catch up or veterans who need a little refresher, golden sun dark dawn is on of the... Read On

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